A water engineering seminar will equip you with the knowledge and transferable skills for a successful career in the water industry managing water engineering projects.

Are you passionate about making a real and practical difference to delivering safe, reliable supplies of water to households, industry and agriculture, and in safeguarding the quality of water for our future? Water engineering seminar will equip you with an advanced understanding of water and wastewater systems qualifying you to work in all areas of water and wastewater treatment and management and providing a valuable contribution to the global water sector.

The water engineering sector offers a range of career opportunities in the fields of water distribution, treatment and management, wastewater treatment, collection and management, hydrology, flood management, monitoring of water bodies, integrated water resources management and other areas.

This seminar gives you the skills to design and develop new concepts for water and waste that are environmentally friendly. It combines science, public health and engineering, so you will develop the skills to cover the technical elements of natural and engineering environmental systems. You’ll also learn to handle the full delivery process of engineered and natural water and earth resources, from the planning and design stage to construction and maintenance.

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