TheSMEs Performance Forum is a professional and business networking opportunity for SMEs to share the experiences and learn from their peers in a relaxed and trustful environment.

About SMEs Performance Forum

The leaders of growing small and mid-sized companies confront the constant challenge of “doing more” with constrained resources in the face of increasing competition. The SMEs Performance Forum will address these strategic issues in a peer group setting.  Our attendees (SMEs) of the Forums are passionate about improving the performance of their businesses through shared experiences and knowledge.  Each SMEs Forum group is comprised of 10 – 12 executives.

SMEs Performance Forum will include problem solving and skills development meeting which is facilitated by industry leaders.  Each SMEs Forum group is an opportunity for the group to work through their specific business issues using a proven process. In addition, periodic guest speakers present ideas and solutions of interest to our attendees.

The SMEs Forum program will enable you to become a better leader, make better decisions and achieve better results through:

  • Better insight into your own business as well as the economy at large which will help you to compete and excel
  • New perspectives to stimulate fresh ideas about your opportunities and challenges
  • Enhanced skills to facilitate ongoing learning and performance improvements
  • A confidential sounding board comprised of experienced executives for both every day and strategic decisions

Objectives SMEs Performance Forum

This learning forum draws on the largest research effort ever conducted in the field. The objectives include:

  • Clarify and shape their SMEs agenda on each of the six dimensions of the role: corporate strategy, organizational alignment, team, board engagement, stakeholders, and personal working norms.
  • Learn from the latest research and from the wisdom and experience of successful SMEss and experts on what sets the best SMEs apart from the rest.
  • Connect with peers in a way that share lessons learned and expands your SMEs network.
  • Allow SMEs to build business and professional relationships to better address the challenges and opportunities in the microfinance sector
  • Provide an exclusive, confidential and safe environment for SMEs to exchange ideas and experiences
  • Support leadership development among senior management