Poor training is the cause of many CEO failures even talented leaders are likely to derail without the right guidance. CEO Performance Executive Master Class boost your success with specific training, coaching and follow-up.Program Audience

The CEO program is designed for C-Level and senior executives

Note: This program is designed as an advanced training for government and corporate professionals; we do not accept students seeking initial employment, post secondary education or initial licensing programs

Program Objective

  • Provide an understanding of the CEO’s strategic planning and execution frameworks.
    Offer experiential analysis of the challenges of CEOs and their executive teams in leading and transforming their organizations.
  • Explore executive management best practices, tools and models for building high-performance teams and businesses.
  • Share business strategy and executive leadership insights from the world’s most successful CEOs and executives.
  • Analyze, plan, and implement advanced and complex business strategies.
  • Focus on the frameworks, models and tools needed to formulate and execute successful business strategies.
  • Create work-based projects to help candidates develop strategic initiatives based on their unique set of issues, resources and business environment.
  • Learn how to create a performance management system and key performance indicators to align strategy and operations.
    Program Modules

    The program consists of four modules:

    Strategic Management: Strategy Analysis and Formulation. Top Strategy Questions and Challenges. Strategy Management Best Practices and Pitfalls. Strategy Toolkit: Critical analysis of the applications and limitations of popular strategic management practices. 

    Strategic Performance Management: Strategy Execution via Performance Alignment. Top Performance Questions and Challenges. Performance Management Best Practices and Pitfalls. Performance Control System (PCS). 

    Strategic Executive Leadership: Strategy Execution via People. Top Leadership Questions and Challenges. Leadership Best Practices and Pitfalls. Leadership Psychology. Leadership Styles & Behaviors. Personality Profiling. Critical Thinking. Decision Making. Organizational Alignment. Management by Objectives. Managing Difficult Behavior. Stakeholder Analysis. Power and Politics. Conflict Management & Negotiation. Managing Workplace Politics. Managerial Ethics. Leadership Insights.
    Training Model