90% of startups fail in their first year. Beat the statistic!

Our masterclass coaches have spent years researching and developing this program. ‘Entrepreneurship Skillset Masterclass’ will provide you with a blueprint to succeed as a founder or startup by equipping you with the knowledge and techniques to launch a successful business quickly. 

Want to start a business of your own? Not sure what you’re doing? We’ve tested and picked the best Online Entrepreneurship Masterclass to help you start taking action.

Whether you’re just starting now, or you already have a relatively new business up and running, this masterclass will help to expand your knowledge and skill set.

One of the best things you can do for yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur is to attend this masterclass that will enrich your experience as you come into your own as an innovator. One way to break through it is to take an online course and learn the vital concepts you’ll need to know, taking action along the way.

Then, there are the courses that are more about mindset. Cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most constructive things you can do for yourself as you undertake your journey toward creating a business of your own.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to learn how to think like one. We’ve rounded up four (4) topics that will make you a successful entrepreneur.

What You’ll Learn

Here’s what you’ll cover in this unique Entrepreneurship Skillset Masterclass. Each section features live video lectures, additional reading, and practice exercises to help you really master the material.

  • Introduction to Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Learn more about what defines an “entrepreneur,” about different types of innovation, and about the role of creativity and out of the box thinking in your success.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, motivations, and behaviors. How does a successful entrepreneur think? What should you value? Featuring guest lectures from successful world-class entrepreneurs, this module helps you put yourself in the right mindset to get creative and start taking calculated risks.
  • Industry Understanding. You need to really understand a particular niche or industry in order to succeed within it. This section helps you learn about different industry structures and product lifecycles, and how to navigate a new industry with a steep learning curve as a beginner.
  • Customer Understanding & Business Modeling. The customer is everything. This section introduces concepts like market needs, strategic brand positioning, and opportunity identification, helping you find problems that need solutions.

Why Now?

This year, the ‘Entrepreneurship Skillset Masterclass’ program was an opportunity to acquire new skills and a mindset that could help future-proof your career, create jobs, and provide fuel to restarting the economy. In 2022, as governments prepare to safely restore the engines of economy, there’s no better time to prepare to launch your business. 

Program Overview

The ‘Entrepreneurship Skillset Masterclass’ program is an online experience designed to introduce the tools and mindset required to succeed as an entrepreneur. You do not need an idea, or a pre-existing team, to join the 5-week program. Just an open mind, and a willingness to learn and explore your full potential!

Action Plans

We assist teams with the development of personal and actionable plans that address the strategy, organization, and innovation-based opportunities that they face when building a business.

Time Required

Our program is expressly designed to fit the lives of busy professionals. We take our students from idea to phone cases for androidclick over here now investable business in just a few hours per week, over the course of four weeks

Teaching Methods

Our program will be taught using a hybrid experience. Live Microsoft Teams sessions will be taught three time in a week (Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. (CAT)), with supplementary coursework provided offline

Pitch Perfect

We helped individuals master their business pitches through constant interaction and helpful feedback.


Get the chance to mentored by world-class experts who have successfully helped launch hundreds of companies.

Certificate of Completion

You will receive a certificate of completion upon graduation from our program and join our growing community of alumni.


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