A hands-on bootcamp focused on machine learning in Python. Attend all three days and earn a certificate!

The demand for machine learning skills is at an all-time high—and rightfully so. With applications across every part of the business, the opportunities to leverage machine learning’s capabilities are vast. But how can you get started?

Though there are many programming languages available for machine learning implementations, this bootcamp focuses on one of the most popular languages in use today—Python. In addition to being among the simpler languages for new programmers to pick up, Python also comes with a ready-made ecosystem of machine learning libraries and supportive user communities.

No matter what your business is, machine learning is changing the way business is done. From recommendation engines to social media monitoring via natural language processing, the positive impacts of machine learning on business processes are almost endless.

Join TDWI’s Machine Learning Bootcamp to learn how machine learning with Python can propel your organization light years ahead of your competition.

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Attend all 3 days and earn a certificate.