Software engineering is a lucrative field, but one that also requires extensive programming training. Those interested can learn various computer languages like Java, HTML, Python, C, Ruby and C++ through the right instruction. These languages are used to write software, webpages and mobile apps, among others.

Professionals seeking careers in computer technology need to have at least basic knowledge of some of the numerous coding languages. Programming requires the ability to not only write code, but also test and debug, as well as have an understanding of program design and the knowledge needed to write “readable” code.

Programming has changed a great deal since the creation of computers. Originally, coders would insert cards with holes punched in them to direct a computer through a series of processes. Today, all of this work is done digitally, where far more complex instructions can be given.

While most employers prefer computer scientists to have a bachelor’s degree, additional programming training and certification can assist these professionals not only in finding a job in this competitive field, but also learn a number of languages that may make their jobs easier and more fruitful. Programmers, or those interested in the field, can take seminars on various languages from TrainUp, from beginner levels to advanced coding.