A trained Sales and Marketing team can generate new opportunities which can lead to huge returns for a company. The better trained your sales team is the better results for your entire company. Use the following sales and Marketing Training courses to make your sales team stronger.

Do you see your business revenue staggering because the sales and marketing departments exist in silos?

Do you want to see a substantial improvement in the revenue and performance metrics of the Sales and Marketing departments?

Sales and Marketing training will deliver significant business benefits to your company. Training your employees in better sales technique, customer service skills and marketing expertise helps boost sales and improve customer satisfaction

The misalignment in the sales and marketing department is a common phenomenon around the globe. This is the trend despite the fact that the goals of both the departments are the same- to secure business and support the company’s growth.

While marketing is a holistic process designed to enhance awareness of the brand or products or services to the target market and customers; Sales is a short-term process where the salesperson is in direct contact with prospective customer or end-user. There is a need for these two functions to unite so that there is no missed opportunity, and they empower each other.

Strategic Sales and Marketing Training will focus on the need to align the functions of sales and marketing so that there are no missed opportunities and oversight that might impact the bottom line. This will help the companies not only acquire but also retain and grow the business with the stakeholders in an effective manner.

Course Schedule

Orientation and Networking Week (Mandatory)

30th August – 1st Stember, 2023 everyday from 9:30pm-10:30pm (IST -Indian Stanard Time)

This is an opportunity to meet and network with other managers from other countries and learn from industry leaders.

Training Period (Mandatory)

4th September – 6th October, 2023 everyday from 9:30pm – 10:30pm (IST -Indian Stanard Time )

Days: Monday to Friday

Our experienced professors from top Indian Universities are patiently waiting to interact with you for 5 weeks in online interactive classes. You can’t just afford missing these amazing opportunities.

Online Examination Day (Optional)

13th October, 2023, from 9:30pm-11:30pm (IST -Indian Stanard Time)

Those who want to receive the certificate are required to write the Exams. The Exams will be written online via our Online Exams Portals.

Course Outline

Week 1 (Module 1) – The Concept of Sales and Marketing

Day 1: Sales and Marketing function

  • What is a Sales function?
  • What is a Marketing function?

Day 2: Objectives of Sales and Marketing

  • Objectives of Sales in A Company
  • Objectives of Marketing in A Company

Day 3: Role of Sales and Marketing

  • Role of Sales Department in the Company
  • Role of Marketing Department in the Company

Day 4: Identifying Inter-Departmental Service Agreements

Day 5: Why the War Between Sales and Marketing Departments?

Week 2 (Module 2) – Sales and Marketing Alignment

Day 1: What is Sales and Marketing Alignment?

Day 2: Principle and Practices of Sales and Marketing

Day 3: Economics of Sales and Marketing

Day 4: How does Misalignment impact the growth of the Company Business?

Day 5: Developing Sales and Marketing Strategies

Week 3 (Module 3) – Adding Value

Day 1: Value Add by Sales to the Marketing Department

Day 2: Value Add by Marketing to the Sales Department

Day 3: Questions That the Marketing Department Should Ask the Sales Department

Day 4: Problems Both Sales and Marketing Departments Can Solve Together

Day 5: Levels of Marketing Alignment

  • Emotional Level
  • Processes Level
  • Feedback Loop Level

Week 4 (Module 4) – Understanding concepts of Selling

Day 1: Types of selling: Direct selling, Relationship selling, Partnership selling

Day 2: Types of selling tasks

Day 3: Types of market intermediaries

Day 4: The setting of selling objectives

Day 5: Different types of selling positions

Day 6: Process of Selling

Week 5 (Module 5) – Understanding the customer’s perspective

Day 1: Types of sales relationships: Transactional, functional

Day 2: Types of customers

Day 3: Understanding the cultural traits of the customer

Day 4: Buying decision- five stages model

Day 5: Decision heuristics

This course is sponored by European Alliance for Innovation the course is free for any Managers of any u-heft hülle personalisierta fantastic read Company and organizations. This means that all the participants (Managers) are allowed to attend the course for free.

Course Certificate is not part of the free package, this means that is any participant want to get the Certificate he/she need to pay for the certification. Below are the fees for the Certificate according to the countries

  • Zambian Managers K500
  • Malawian Managers MK50,000
  • Tanzanian Managers TZS 60,000
  • Kenyan Managers Khs 3,800
  • Ugandan Managers UGX 90,000
  • International Managers $ 35

Available Payment Methods

  • Malawian Airtel Mobile Money
  • Zambian Airtel Mobile Money
  • Tanzania M-Mpesa
  • Kenyan M-Mpesa
  • Uganda Airtel Mobile Money
  • Uganda MTN Mobile Money
  • National Bank
  • Zanaco Bank
  • Card Payment (Visa Card, MastersCard and American Express)

Payment Methods

Kindly check the payment methods on this link www.academicsummit.org/payment

Requirement for Course Certificate

All Managers who want to receive the Course Certificate should pay for Certificate and register for Online Exams on time and make themselve available for Online Exams on 13th October, 2023.

NB: The deadline for Online Exams registration and fees payment is 5th October, 2023


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