Startup Investors’ Forum is the monthly flagship event for startups and Investors. The forum brings together leading LPs and GPs for an exceptional conference that is recognised throughout the private equity industry for the quality of its content and the caliber of its delegates.

The event is designed to provide participants with the latest industry insights and data, high level peer-to-peer debate and networking opportunities in a non-commercial environment.

At Start Investors Forum we have a group of investors around the global who invest their own money in startup companies. We source deals and perform due diligence together but each Investor makes his or her own decisions about whether to invest in any given deal and how much to invest. We believe this allows us to utilize the wisdom and experience of many members while maintaining independence of managing our individual portfolios.

Startup Investors Forum brings together top notch Investors around the global with the goal of fostering a more scale up a friendly ecosystem. We provides starts with for new or seasoned angel investors with our wealth of resources, knowledge, and investment opportunities. We connect promising tech startups with accredited angel capital. In addition, we also offer in-depth workshops on angel investing to both Startup and investors.